Applications of ODDT – To rare diseases

Since the last white paper, I have been busy updating the slides on Open Drug Discovery Teams which takes some of the ideas from the YouTube video and expands a little..Obviously it can be flipped through faster than watching the video. The whole idea is to explain how the app can be used..what does it do?

Along these lines there are now 3 posters – one that describes sharing data for rare diseases, one that illustrates the integration of different data sources and most recently one that shows how the app has been used for raising awareness of Sanfilippo syndrome.

The goal of all this is to raise awareness of the app and how it can be used. The latter poster can also be extended to all the topics in the app and this may be next on the to do list. As it is this poster could also be presented at a rare disease meeting – so feel free to suggest one – I may just take you up on the offer!





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