Another one bites the dust

Nutley..Nutley is gone..Roche announced its closure yesterday with a 1000 jobs jobs to go. And yet on the bright side they want to put 240 jobs in a clinical center on the east coast. So again Mass. will likely benefit from NJ’s loss. Another very sad footnote in the history of pharma. Disintegration, Reorganization. Cost cutting. Just call it a slow sad decline.The Politicians in NJ have to pull their fingers out if they want any Biotech, pharma jobs in their state..Or at least they have to focus on keeping the remaing companies before a further mass exodus.

All the outsourcing in the world is not going to help pharma (cost cutting did not save Nutley) or maybe this is a symptom of off-shoring, poor strategy. On the flipside it could be good business sense to move people to fewer locations to focus it.

I think a lot of people will be in shock, but add it to the list of other once great pharma sites around the US and Europe that are now gone..e.g. Sandwich, UK.

Open Drug Discovery Teams Anyone?

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