Collaborative Mobile Apps Using Social Media and Appifying Data For Drug Discovery

Along with my co-authors Alex Clark and Antony Williams we have just released a white paper and put it on FigShare and Slideshare. We would be interested in any feedback or suggestion..we have some new ideas brewing of how to use Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) for a myriad of uses – so watch this space!

here is the Executive Summary

We are at a watershed moment for drug discovery. Can we leverage social media, collaborations and the masses of data that are in the public and private domains to accelerate drug discovery? One possible way to do this may involve methods for “appification” of data, whether in self-contained apps or those that push data to other relevant apps that can enable visualization and mining. Mobile apps that can pull in and integrate public content from many sources relating to molecules and data are also being developed. Apps for drug discovery are already evolving rapidly and are able to communicate with each other to create workflows, as well as perform more complex processes, enabling informatics aspects of drug discovery (i.e. accessing data, modeling and visualization) to be done anywhere by potentially anyone.



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