Tweeting molecules and Google Alerts (now in ODDT)

This morning I dabbled in a little experiment of the Twitter kind. I had tried this in the past on a much smaller scale – namely tweet a single interesting molecule out from MolSync or ChemSpider. Tweeting molecules has been something I imagined would be mainstream a few years ago..But now with the Open Drug Discovery Teams mobile App there is somewhere for all those molecules and ideas to reside. So this morning I tried tweeting much bigger datasets out using Mobile Molecular Datasheet (MMDS). First I tried a couple of datasets of less than 20 molecules of Tuberculosis drugs which I had put together from a publication , these were tweeted to #tuberculosis in ODDT. Then I went and used the 2 bigger datasets of Orphan drugs and another of over 100 compounds I had collated from individual papers that had looked at screening drug libraries in vitro. These were tweeted into #drugrepurposing in ODDT.

If I said this was as simple as emailing myself the sdf files then opening these in my iPad with MMDS, clicking on the little button at the bottom right (mountains and trees image?) and selecting the twitter icon…et voila…Now of course if I had these files already in my app or on MolSync it would have saved some time..but pretty easy. In the process Alex Clark found some little issue which he explained as “the character set encoding being ISO8859 – it expected either unicode or ASCII, and iOS refuses the parse the string if it’s not compliant” – A big thanks to @Luminescer who spotted something fishy.

Since the American Chemical Society a few months back I have been following Google Alerts for the topics we have set up in Open Drug Discovery Teams. This came as a suggestion from Tony Williams – and a very good one too. Now the downside of this is that everyday I would get an extra 10 or so emails. One of the goals of our IndieGoGo campaign is to fund integration of additional datasources into ODDT. Last week we had our first donation so Alex has integrated the RSS feeds for these Google Alerts (as a little thank you) and they should add more relevant content into the topics. Feel free to endorse or reject! My email account will benefit from 70 less emails a week..


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