Approved Drugs – a new mobile app for iOS

Ever wanted to dig through approved drugs and look for molecules similar to a hit you just found in a screen? Ever wanted to find out more about FDA approved drugs? Ever wanted to do this whilst on the move?

Now its possible at least if you have an ipad or iphone. Alex Clark has just released Approved Drugs and kindly sent me a freebie to try it. The app is only for iOS so far and its not free..but if you ask nicely..maybe we could get you a freebie.

Could this be another starting point for a gold standard database of drugs? Will be interesting to see how this app develops in future.

I think it could be useful for people repurposing known drugs, the similarity search seems to work pretty well (ranking the whole dataset of over a 1000 compounds) so could be useful for testing hypotheses. Another useful tool with lots of links out, ability to save, tweet, email molecules and links to Alex’s other apps. Definitely he is setting the standard for inter-app cheminformatics collaboration for his own apps.

****Here is an update..now Alex has added a page with documentation and has some ideas of what to add next..


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