Genetic and Engineering News Webinar, Uncensored

Today I gave a webinar for Genetic and Engineering News, (GEN). My presentation was actually recorded last week. As I was watching it unfold I found that 2 of my slides had been edited without my permission.  Apparently I found out that Thomson Reuters (TR) who were sponsoring my talk wanted all mention of the CDD database removed. Now for once I was not hawking this or any other database just reporting what had been published elsewhere in Drug Discovery Today and Pharmaceutical Research. I was also not explicitly representing CDD in the talk I was representing me = Collaborations In Chemisty. But can you believe it..Wow. I was doing a favor to TR who bought GeneGo (a company I used to work for), and they censor my slides! I think that is pretty weak. Needless to say I will not be volunteering my services to GEN or TR.

Has anyone had that happen to them before? I would love to know.

If you were one of the 250 or so names of folks attending please understand that 2 of my slides were censored (and probably my recorded talk too). My unexpunged slides are here – so take that TR!

Bizarrely, they even used a different affilition to me than the one I sent them too.


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