Alpha version of ODDT app now available for iPad- let us know if you want to test it

The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) project is a mobile app primarily intended as a research topic aggregator of open science data integrated from various sources on the internet. It exists to facilitate interdisciplinary teamwork and to relieve the user from data overload. Initial research topics include areas of chemistry and adjacent molecule-oriented biomedical sciences, with an emphasis on those which are most amenable to open research at present.
The ODDT project uses a free mobile app for iOS-based devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) as the hub. The app has a Flipboard-inspired interface, and serverside infrastructure for hosting data and value added services. The project is open to participation from anyone, and much of the content is derived from public sources but is amenable to commercial data input.
We would like to announce that an alpha version of this app is available for users to access upon request from us for non-commercial uses and under no warranty. We invite anyone who is interested in participating in the alpha evaluation program, and providing constructive feedback, to contact either myself or Alex or leave a message here:
Dr. Sean Ekins     Collaborations in Chemistry, A division of Collaborations in Communications, Inc.

Dr. Alex M. Clark     Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc.


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  1. Carlo Yuvienco says:


    I’m a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. I am interested in enhancing the delivery of anti-cancer therapeutics via de novo protein-based nanocarriers. As part of our research in the Montclare Lab, we had to do our homework on current anti-cancer therapeutics and the associated literature. I’m hoping your new tool will be able to significantly enable this process.

    Looking forward to trying it out. If possible, please allow me to give it a try. I will try my best to garner feedback from the rest of the lab members as well as from my own experience.

    Carlo Yuvienco

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