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I was reading a new paper in Nature Chemistry by Bickerton et al., (more on this in a later blog) when I got side tracked by reference 5 by Chris Lipinski et al. which first described the rule of 5 and wondered..1. how well cited is this paper now and 2. is he in Wikipedia? The answer to 1. according to GoogleScholar is over 5000!! Now that is notable. But to my dismay he is not in Wikipedia. I think this is a huge ommision and I do not know why he is not there, while the rule of 5 itself is in Wikipedia.

So I have added his bio to ScientistsDB and created some slides to document just how easy this is to do. Having known Chris as far back as 1998 when I worked at Pfizer I feel he deserves a bit more visibility so that younger scientists can get a fuller picture of his background and achievements. In fact my first day at work at Pfizer I went and introduced myself and he very kindly gave me a signed copy of the paper attached here.

I think at that time there was far more interest in the rule of 5 outside of Pfizer and even when it was just a year old one could see its potential implications. Now Its 15 years old and I do not think another rule or metric has had quite the same impact, scrutiny and admiration in my short career. That is not to say that it will last forever, but it will be a stepping stone to the next great rule or discovery. So if I had a say I would propose Chris for a Nobel Prize in Medicine or Chemistry..perhaps we can start the petition now.

I hope other readers can add any details I missed to this profile. I also wanted to show just how far we have to go before there is a database that captures all the relevant data on any scientist. Please add other scientists that are missing. We need your help.

Such a tool has many uses for education, finding collaborators and experts to interview or help with writing projects etc.

I look forward to seeing it grow and be used.


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  1. Barry Bunin says:

    Chris is an inspiration in multiple dimensions. It is rare for scientists from industry to be considered for the Nobel Prize. But given the criteria that matters is the impact of the work on how other scientists think and work, this should really be a slam dunk. Every drug discovery software product or modeling study pretty incorporates the rule of 5 or argues why their nuanced method is more applicable within a certain domain. His work is one of those rare examples arising from industry that has changed the way researchers think across commercial and academic lines. Even beyond the rule of 5, he has been an inspiration Here are 3 of Chris Lipinski’s inspiring presentations that we recorded for everyone to enjoy:




    1. sean says:

      Many thanks Barry, these are also in his profile on scientistsdb (http://www.scientistsdb.com/index.php?title=Christopher_A._Lipinski). I would really like to add more of his papers, there is another CA Lipinski so not sure which papers are which other than the obvious ones. Please feel free to add other scientists to the database too.

  1. Drug-likeness, multiple optimization and Alerts » Collaborative Chemistry says:

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