Write fewer grants yourself – hire a science writer- stimulate the economy!

Earlier in the week  I read a provocative paper called More time for research: Fund people not projects by John Ioannides (Nature 477  529-531, 2011). The briefest summary being ..find alternative ways to fund scientists so that they spend less time writing grants. Go read the article!

The thought occurred to me which was not considered by John, is that to get scientists away from grant writing themselves and to spend more time doing research, might require more science writers that actually do the grant writing. A great way to create new jobs..and stimulate the economy. Each scientist needs a clone that writes for them.

This may not work for everyone but I know I would rather spend more time doing science than writing grants. Of course another approach might be for more scientists to collaborate, split the work and share the load of grant writing. I am sure this is something to return to.

Who wants to be my grant writer? I have far more ideas than I can ever get to write myself and it would be great to get more of you involved in the scientific exploits that just keep happening.


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