A short post on courage

It occured to me that the more I speak to folks in pharma (and outside) I realize does anyone have the courage to call out and say stop!! this is not working – we were founded >20 or > 100 yrs ago to cure diseases – develop pharmaceuticals and its been going pear shaped for over a decade. We need to change the model now. Greater and more notable people than I  have foreseen the inevitable for just as long and tried to predict success (or failure). I was reminded of this by seeing an article from Nov 2003 called “rebuilding big pharma’s business model” by Jim Gilbert, Preston Henske and Ashish Singh -the folks at Bain. Yes many others before and since have said the same thing over and over again…Some of the things predicted have come to pass, many companies have shed areas of expertise (outsourced)..but it all seems so half hearted and half baked..which begs the question what will be left besides buildings – and real estate is not a great investment at the moment?

I do not like what I am seeing outside in academia either – basically ambulance chasing to try to give pharma what it desperately needs – molecules – by recapitulating everything pharma has tried and failed at so far. It cannot work however many times you try to take the same pathway. I think we all have to say stop! and come up with a portfolio of different approaches, there is no one way we can guess which one will work.

OK now I have said it STOP! and try something different. Please.

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