Newly published book on Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research

The new book

I took delivery today of a copy of the book I co-edited with Maggie A.Z.Hupcey and Antony J. Williams. By our reckoning this took about 10 months to put together and another 9 months in publishing. I have blogged about the books genesis before so you can read more on the flyer (and get a discount) or look at the slides or even see free chapters at Wiley.

Again a HUGE  Thank You to all involved – I feel very proud to hold a copy (and that is after being fortunate to edit 3 other books, each time it is different).

I look forward to any comments and hope this is a valuable contribution to the field. At some point the editors hope to do a little movie to provide some more of our thoughts on the topics in the book and the directions we think these collaborative technologies will go.

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  1. Barry Bunin says:


    Thanks for your work bringing together this book. It is a wonderful contribution to the literature. It is always hard to bring together a compilation, especially in the Internet era. We were delighted to contribute and will blog about it (https://www.collaborativedrug.com/buzz/2011/07/07/thalidomide-poster-child-for-drug-repurposing/), perhaps right after the drug repurposing conference and free webinar (https://www.collaborativedrug.com/buzz/2011/04/15/the-drug-repositioning-conference-in-sf-jul-13-14/).


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