Green Chemistry – Solvent selection guide II

The last blog detailed my insights from attending a conference on Green Chemistry. In one session I had an idea to make the GCI Solvent selection guide more accessible, why not an App? I tweeted a few times after I asked the actual question of a presenter at the conference, then Alex Clark from Molecular Materials Informatics jumped on one of my comments in which I said that companies were implementing e-lab notebooks but should supplement with Apps. After a few emails back an forth with Alex and Antony Williams (my collaborator on scimobileapps), Alex offered to develop the App for green solvents. This was a great example of brainstorming between us all. Within 3 days Alex created the App and submitted to iTunes for approval. It was approved on the 30th June and is available.

So this Green Solvents App went from idea to downloadable App in a week. In the intervening time I emailed some of the folks from the conference and the GCI and they seem very supportive, so there seems to be lots of interest in the App (so watch this space). Please spread the word. I think this is the first green chemistry App and I am sure there will be more perhaps eventually it will migrate to other platforms.

For me this was a great example of using social media to create a “free product” as a way to disseminate information. A great deal of effort was put into collating the underlying data from the ACS GCI pharmaceutical roundatable and Alex put a lot of time into building his technologies to be able to do such rapid App development. The question I would ask is what other chemistry areas could benefit from pairing interesting data with chemical structure to reach a wider audience?

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