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Have you tried to find out what science Apps are out there for your mobile device? Do you find yourself scrolling though seemingly hundreds of “flashcard Apps” in the App store of choice, become frustrated then give up? Well join the club.

There have been some excellent summaries of science Apps such as Chris Swain’s big list,  The University of Auckland, Wired,  and articles written about specific subjects like chemistry, etc (let me know about others). As was announced recently we are all spending more time on Apps than on the internet, apparently. Maybe not doing as much science on Apps as we would like but that will come..

Now comes a Wiki called Science Mobile Apps (or Sci Mobile Apps, for short) which has launched yesterday – see the ChemConnector blog with the aim of getting the community involved in compiling Apps for science. Its a pretty big task, the ball got rolling with chemistry because of an invited article and we hope that other science topics can also have an exhaustive listing (but we need your help). Please tell any science App developers to visit the Wiki and add their Apps! There is now a set of slides that gives a little more background here.

Please spread the word and watch out for additions.

The Slideshare presentation is viewable below.

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