NCGC database add disclaimer to NPC browser: 2

Since the last blog that I reported on the addition of a disclaimer to the NPC browser site I see that there has been an addition that adds :

  • A new database release that incorporates a number of improvements to compound records (e.g., stereochemistry annotations, 2D layout, etc.).
  • I welcome this in the future release (suggested a few weeks off) but what confidence do I have in the database being right this time – e.g. no structure errors? Will all the structures be curated ?


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    1. sean says:

      Please note NCGC updated the webpage and removed the disclaimer so this link is now outdated. Does this mean that the database is now error free? I think the alert should still be there.

    1. Confusing Search Results in the NPC Browser – ChemConnector Blog says:

      […] blog has been keeping me updated on new changes.  Sean had informed me in two separate posts (X, Y) about the new disclaimer that […]

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