Collaborating on Drug Induced Liver Injury models

Last year I was very fortunate to collaborate with Jim Xu and Antony Williams to do some computational modeling on Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI). The resulting paper can be found here. Since then I have given a talk on this work  at Bio-IT..

and more recently to a small group at the FDA. The dataset I used was based on High Content Screening data while Jim was at Pfizer and to my knowledge is the only such experimental data using human hepatocytes that is out there for modeling (if there are others please let me know). There are other datasets that are culled from the package inserts of drugs and there are other models published for DILI using compilations of literature data. I think much more could be done with such data to help identify compounds (drugs and other chemicals) that may have potential hepatotoxicity.
 If you are interested you can also view more presentations from me here.

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  1. Antony Williams, ChemConnector says:

    It would be good to make a call for DILI data out to the general public? Just a couple of points from 100 scientists around the world would be enormous. Might be worth tweeting the request out and asking @egonw if he knows of any sources of DILI data? Or maybe Ola Sjputh?

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